Umbrella Spring Wreath!

I feel like Spring has finally begun here! Last week was crazy with snow, hail and cold! We’ve been outside every day this week soaking in the warmth. I put up this wreath to welcome the nice Springy weather a couple weeks ago, and it’s now here……

I wanted something different rather than the same ol’ round wreaths. I fell in love with this bright, fresh, pop of color hanging on our door now! I was just gonna do all tulips but I couldn’t find any bright colored tulips, so I made my own bouquet of fun, springy looking flowers. Got all the flowers plus umbrella at Hobby Lobby! Easy and SUPER cute!


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One thought on “Umbrella Spring Wreath!”

  1. I saw that when we dropped of Faith the other day and I think it looks great! I love it :) I was actually going to ask if you bought it, the flowers look pro :)

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