Kitchen/Family Room Makeover!!!!!

I’m finally ready to show you my new and improved Kitchen/Family room!! I’ve been so excited to put this up, but it’s been a month by month process getting it all put together. I’m not completely done, but it’s decorated enough that I don’t wanna wait any longer to share! :)

Before, I had this beautiful chocolate brown, which was a great color, but after a while I just couldn’t take it anymore because of how dark it made the rooms feel. The sun doesn’t shine through this side of the house, so it made it feel darker than normal. I also found I didn’t love being in these rooms, and that’s a problem because it’s where I basically live during the days.


Here’s how we lived for the past 6 years… as Hubby and I sit here and look at these pictures, we can’t believe just how dark and bleak it looked! How I lived like that for so long is beyond me!



Yea, still had Christmas up- I couldn’t wait to start!



I got so eager to paint samples on the wall, then I realized I need Before pictures! Yup, orange….. are you nervous yet?! ;) Don’t be.



Next to the paint, I was itchin’ to rip down the valances.




OK…. are you ready now for a completely amazing bold and fresh transformation?!?





Sprucin’ up the walls while hiding the ugly thermostat at the same time! Double whammy :)


Love this saying; it is very true, my friend :)


Very homey looking ya!?




The Orange pillow was my first piece of inspiration. When I found it I knew that was the color I was looking for and used that to match the other colors.


I LOVE the big clock, it takes up a lot of space, and adds a fun touch





The rug is another of my favorites, love how it covers most the carpet!



Entryway… I got rid of that ghetto unfinished wooden table that was there forever and had this beauty custom-built. I loved it so much I asked the lady if she did kitchen tables……


Indeed she did! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!! She did the bench with it, then I got the chairs online.

And THIS is our awesome, exciting, vibrant kitchen!! Don’t you love it?!?! Well, I do! I love the accented Tangerine walls and my chevron curtains!

I absolutely love being in these rooms now, makes me feel excited and more pumped to bake and do all the things :)




I love compact, dual-use things like this.


I was weary about making these myself, especially with it being sheer fabric, it was harder to deal with, but I just took it slow and I just about.. (ok i DID) do the happy dance when I saw the finished product! And the fact that the lines matched up with the other panel… wow, much impress ;)


You can’t leave out the folding chairs! We need extra chairs quite a bit and so why not have them match our fun room!



Fun printable that I put on top of coordinating scrapbook paper and framed! I did some of the usual food combos then added a few of mine and hubby’s favorites :) So fun!


I hate counter clutter. Well, clutter period, but especially when stuff is just hogging up all my counter space. So I searched around for a cute mail organizer to hang on the wall. It’s helpful, effective and cute!





THIS is our clock…. adorable ya?!?!! It’s not finished, I had a hard time finding 4×4 frames for a good price, so if anyone knows….. I’d love to hear! :)

I just love the pics of my sweet kiddies. The clock that I had here originally, I took the middle part out and used it! Perfect, so this is a very inexpensive clock. Not to mention, the cutest! :)



I am obsessed with chandeliers! I personally think every room should have it’s own chandelier :) I had a hard time finding the perfect one to replace our old one. I wasn’t going to, I was just going to repaint the one we had and cover the shades, but when my sister showed me this pretty…… I knew I just had to have it.


I’m in love. I like how it’s a longer one to shed more light evenly across the table, not to mention the way it sparkles in the sunlight. Yup, it’s love :)


Just be careful, if you’re an eager beaver like me and can’t wait for someone’s help to put it up (even though you’re prego and probably shouldn’t be climbing on chairs, and drilling holes not knowing what could happen)…… make sure you know where your water pipes are so it doesn’t come shooting out of the hole you just drilled too deep. And if water does come pouring out, don’t plug it up with a wad of gum. Luckily there was a nearby plumber who was able to come out right after to fix it, and my amazing daddo with his handyman skills patched it up after! So it was a quick fix, but would rather have skipped that extra step :) Still makes for a funny story, and instead of getting mad… you’ll be happy to know that I just laughed at myself and convinced hubby that it was a funny story and a laughing matter because “it could be a lot worse, like your prego wifey could’ve gotten electrocuted.” (insert puppy face) :)


 We love the barstools too! The other ones were a little too high and bulky. These are perfect for little Spence to maneuver around getting him what he wants atop the high places :)  (Note the snack jars to the far left are all empty.)





I hesitated to paint the space above my cabinets Tangerine, but I’m glad I did; with that, I don’t feel like I have to really decorate up there, it would just make it too busy.



Yes, even my Kitchenaid got a makeover! I’ve been wanting to do it for the longest time but couldn’t find more than a black or white epoxy spray paint. When I found this, I excitedly told hubby to which he acted with less enthusiasm then I had pictured I wanted him to ;) and said I don’t need to paint everything. That was a silly thought to me… of course you need to paint everything! I even woulda done the cabinets if I didn’t think that it would seriously cause a rift between us ;) hah Anyways, I love love the red pop in the corner of my kitchen.







It was a bunch of work and time, but I love how it all came together!! Thankfully I had lots of help, my awesome brother volunteered to come paint for me so I didn’t have to be around all those fumes. How thoughtful huh!! Hubby helped with the last part too, poor guys, it was more work than it looks because we had to do multiple coats of white on the previous brown walls, and the orange, and had to do ceilings too because they were the same color as the tan walls- such a pain, plus repainting the baseboards…. it all looks just like new now! Faith tells her friends, “Come look at our new house!” hahah

If you’re interested……

Supply list:

  • Canvas- Hobby Lobby
  • “Life is Short” wood pallet- Rod Works
  • Clock- Rod Works
  • 3 orange patterned “books”, greenery, grey chevron frame, candle- Rod Works
  • HOME metal letters- Rod Works
  • Grey Rug- Target
  • Printables- Me :)
  • Tangerine pillow- Target
  • White/orange patterned pillow- Rod Works
  • Turquoise chevron sheer fabric- Hobby Lobby
  • Dining Chairs- Overstock
  • Entry & Kitchen Table/bench- Found a lady on Ksl classifieds who does amazing custom woodwork for an amazing price.
  • Red chevron jute table runner- Pick Your Plum
  • Napkin/salt/pepper holder- Rod Works
  • Crystal Chandelier- Z Gallerie
  • Yellow mail organizer- Etsy
  • Orange Flower, white vase, white candle holder- Ikea
  • Spray Paint for Kitchenaid- Rustoleum Farm Equipment
  • Tangerine stools- Target
  • Orange Paint- Behr “Fire Island” (Primer & Paint in 1)
  • Turquoise Paint- Behr “Sea Life” (Primer & Paint in 1)
  • White paint- Behr “Divine Pleasure” (Primer & Paint in 1)

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  1. love it! you always do such cute things! :D The aqua color is one of my favorites…I have it as an accent wall in my bedroom! Makes the space lots brighter! Also I like the tangerine…I don’t think I would have dared pick it, but you make it look great! :D

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