First visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

I don’t know if you believe in the Tooth Fairy in your house, but I have some fond memories of it when I was little. Particularly how much I played it up for my younger sister…. I had a little Polly Pocket fairy (remember those things??) and told her that she was always watching over her. Then, when she’d lose a tooth, I told her that the Tooth Fairy would call and ask if she’s been good (yes, I abused the power of the tooth fairy to make sure my little sister was nice to me hahah); sooooo I would have her wait by the phone and I would “go see if the fairy was ready”, aka go into my mom’s room and pick the phone up, pressing a number so no dial tone was heard, then told her to pick up the phone. I’d pretend to be the Tooth Fairy, talking in a sickingly sweet, high girly voice. She fell for that for quite a while. I still tease her to this day ;)


Faith has been very anxious to lose her first tooth, seeing as all her friends have lost several already! Yesterday she came home from school saying it hurt to eat on it, so I wiggled it for myself and sure enough it was ripe to be ripped! Oddly enough, out of nowhere I was excited about it too! That’s what makes it all more fun, when the parents get just as excited about things right?! Makes it seem even more magical. So I laid her down on the floor, telling her it was no big deal, (as my thoughts raced back to the fear I felt when my dad yank the sucker outta there). How come it’s usually the dads who do this? I knew I could do it! It took about 5 minutes for her to calm down, and I told her we celebrate by getting a ‘Sweet Tooth’ fix- a treat of her choice. With tissue in hand, one failed attempt, and one good grab later the tooth was out! And the blood came. Gotta love that taste of blood in your mouth. She actually had a tooth behind it that was already halfway in!

She was SO excited! She called Daddy and Grandparents to share her exciting news! She couldn’t wait to tell her friends and teacher at school to be on the “tooth list”… whatever that is.

To celebrate we:
Indulged our sweet tooth with ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce!

Watched the Tooth Fairy




And Faith picked out fabric for me to make her a Tooth Pillow to put her tooth in!!


I love this little Toofie pocket


Drop the toofie in to keep it safe….


While child is sleeping, take your little fairy wand and fairy dust and work your magic!


Sprinkle Fairy Dust all over money and under pillow


Take tooth, put money in, put under pillow and sprinkle with more fairy dust!


I absolutely love this little pillow and this tradition is so fun! It’s so fun to see the excitement in Faith’s eyes as she believes in this world of magic.


Like, she really believes in magic…. while I was gone, daddy played with her, controlling the sound on tv from his laptop, making her believe she has magical powers since she lost her tooth. You’ve got to watch this video, it’s so hilarious! She is just the sweetest little girl, I love her to pieces!

 It’s a bit long, but it’s too funny, the end is my favorite part…. “This is crazy! How is this is happening to  me!” hahaha

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