First Grader Faith!

School came up too fast this year! I didn’t even realize exactly what day her school started until 10 days before! August 15th…. it’s still Summer! We have thoroughly enjoyed our Summer this year.

Miss Faith is always excited for school. She loves the school, her teacher, her class….. On her first day I asked her how it went and she excitedly said, “I get THREE recesses AND a Lunch!!”

It’s quite a big jump from 2.5 hours to 7 hours, but she loves it! I was the one that was more nervous, I had the school-jitters for her. It took me back to my school days, it was exciting yet nerve-wracking also…. fear of the unknown. Once you establish a routine and rhythm and get the hang of the things, it gets better.

I’m not one of those moms who can’t wait for their child to go back to school. While I’m excited for her, I love having my kids home!




First day of school…. She does not like the sun in her eyes :)



1st grade!2

Few days later we finally got to her Back-to-School Photo Shoot! I love doing these, we had fun with them! The props give it such a fun touch too!3



Such talent! :)6


Ow, not in your eye!8


Oooooh too much smiling10

“Mona Lisa” smile? Know what that smile’s for? :)11


Double talent!13



Her best friend was behind those smiles :) It was fun to snap a few with him too…..16



Let’s see if we can get both apples to stay at the same time18


Ok, LOVE this pic! When they get married, I have a list of pictures to go on their wedding video and this is SO included!20

Spence wanted to try too!!



Look Mum (that’s what he calls me :), I’m doing it!b

Even trying the apple! He thought it was funny to roll them over his head and drop them.. hahac

Hey….. what are you eating?!? If it’s dog food, I’ll join in!d

Oh, just an apple. It’s all yours.e


Oops, chair collision on sister….g

Apparently he knows the trick to make things better….. sit on his sister’s lap and look cute for a picture! :)h

Good ol’ School!


btw, notice the footprints on the chalkboard? Thank you Spencer, that was his contribution :)


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