Big Hero 6 Valentine Printables!

Did you think I fell off the planet?! :) Good news, I’m still here, and just in time to let you print off some super cute Valentines!

Anyone NOT seen Big Hero 6?? You’re missing out, it’s one of our favorites!  I knew Faith would love giving these out, and I sure jumped at the chance to make them!

For Baymax I put a red lolli with it, perfect with him holding one!


Fred, FIRE gum for ‘You’re on Fire”! (hot meaning think red hots)


Go Go Tomago, GOgurts! :D I thought that was clever :) To make it stay colder longer, I keep them in the freezer, it’s like eating fro yo!


Hiro, I was stuck on what to put with this foreeeeeever. I was gonna do magnetic balls to play with but those aren’t safe for kids, bummer cuz they’re fun! I still wanted to stay on the lines of magnet like the things he created… after much searching I found these sealed cases with iron fillings in it! Put a magnet with it and you can have some magnetic fun!


Honey Lemon, I got these flavored honey sticks at a local candy shop. There’s a bunch of different honey or lemon things you can do with this- Lemon Drops?!!


Wasabi- this was another hard one to figure out, both the card and the treat. The easiest thing would’ve been to give kids some cute little containers of wasabi! hahah buuuuut I want to be nice so I kept racking my brain and…. Candy Sushi!!! Yes!!! Made from fruit roll ups, rice krispie treats and licorice- easy peasy. I just love it.


That’s all 6 of the heroes! You can download some or all of them below, just click on image to download and print!

Hope you have fun with them! If you end up thinking of something else fun to put with them, lemme know, I’d love to hear!!

{Personal use only; please do not claim designs as your own. Thanks!}





Gogo Tomago

GoGo Tomago



Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon

Wasabi-no Ginger

Wasabi noGinger

Happily Ever After Valentine Printable

I saw this cute quote online but couldn’t find anywhere that I could download the printable, soooooo what did I do? Made one myself of course! :)

Super cute addition to your Valentine Decor. I didn’t bother framing mine, the card stock is sturdy enough that I just set it in a decorative easel to show.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!



Download here:

valentine printable

Valentine Printables!

So yea, it may seem like I’ve been slacking and not doing anything, by the nothingness that’s been posted here, but I’ve been occupied with several fun things!

I wanted to get a head start on Valentines this year and be able to post it up here for anyone who would also like to use the printables!

Faith wanted to do My Little Pony Valentine cards, which I was excited about cuz that’s what I was most wanting to design :) soooooo…. we didn’t just do one pony…. no, you gotta do ‘Everypony’ :) I’m not gonna lie, I actually like watching the show. Go ahead and judge, but I’ve tried watching a lot of the other kids shows they have out today and uggghh they drive me NUTS! Nothing can beat the good ol’ cartoons that were on back when I was a kid, but there are a few select that I can stomach watching, and this is definitely one!

Spencer’s Valentine is Kool Aid and a Krazy straw! He’s a Krazy kid… in a fun way :) Love this boy to bits n pieces!

Anyways, now that you know my likes and dislikes for kids shows…. ;) Here’s All the ponies, including Spike! Because A) he’s like one of the ponies and B) It’s a more boyish one to give to the boyfriends. And Faith has many. I thought it would be fun to put coordinating candy sticks with them!










You are ‘Krazy Kool’!


And if you would like to use these for your Valentines also, you can download them below: (they are 5×7)

(Please use for personal use only, don’t claim designs as your own. Thank you!)


Apple Jack

Apple Jack Valentine


Fluttershy Valentine

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie Valentine

Rainbow Dash

Rainbow Dash Valentine


Rarity Valentine


Spike Valentine


Twilight Valentine

Krazy Kool Valentine

Be Mine

It’s come and gone too fast, but what an awesome Valentines we had!

A couple years ago Hubby and I decided we don’t like going out on Valentines night because it’s ridiculously crowded, so our tradition is having a family date that day and then we go out another day. We all look forward to it!

breakfast made with Love…..

New tradition: got these cute mailboxes at Target in their dollar bins {love those!}, and going from Feb. 1-14 we use those to put love notes, candy, pictures, gifts, whatever we want in them. It’s fun to see that red flag up. Spence can join the fun next year :)

Valentines we sent to the Grandparents… :)

This is totally fitting for a banana-crazed boy like him :) Seriously… I have to be ever so sneaky in the grocery store, if he sees those bananas he GOES bananas! haha

why hold the banana in your hand when you can just bend and bite! :) {This is a Mikkie move right here…}

These are Faith’s Valentines she handed out to her friends….. We made homemade Tootsie Rolls {Super easy and yummy} and attached tag saying, ‘Happy Valentines, Toots!’

Spencer dude only has a few baby friends his age around, but I thought it would be fun to give something from him- ‘Love Bug’ jar of gummy worms. Nothing says BOY more than that. :)

Hubby surprised me with this super thoughtful gesture along with chocolate fondue and dancing a later day. It’s been a while since we’ve been, such fun!


Hope you all felt loved on Valentines and continue to each and every day :)

Valentines Printables- Love is…

Valentines is next week! Craziness…. Before it gets too much later, here’s some fun printables to dress up in a cute frame for a quick, simple and festive decoration.

Two different designs- couple different color styles for each. Hope you like them! :)

{Just click on image you want to print. Sizes are 8×10; you can scale them to what size you want}

Red Velvet Oreo Truffle Brownies!!

Yea, this dessert deserves a double exclamation title! :) Here I go again with my Oreo obsession… Does an “Oreoholic Anonymous” group exist?? haha

My name is Laura and I LOVE Oreos :)


It tastes as decadent as it looks.. moist bottom, chewy middle and a little crunch on top. Beautiful treat for Valentines.


{Recipe by Pizzazzerie}

[gmc_recipe 2023]


‘Love’ pallet art

Saw this cute idea over at Tatertots and Jello… Pallet art is becoming my new favy thing! I did mine a lil different from hers, I wanted the letters to be red- more cheery and festive to me; and I did mine more longer instead of wider like hers, so I had to rearrange the words differently. I had some leftover rusty board from my Fall Pallet project to use again! Awesome stuff. :) I have one more piece left and I already know what I’m going to do with it, excited to get ‘er done…

The garland draped over the board is a yoyo garland that I made a couple years ago, just never knew where exactly to put it… it now has a home! :)


 I painted this a bit different than my last sign- instead of poking holes and tracing those (was a bit time consuming), I just cut out the words with my Cricut, taped on the board where I wanted it (had Spencer dude tear them down and taped them up again :), traced, then free-hand painted with a small, thin paintbrush. I like the rougher, flawed look of it… part of what makes it art, right? ;)

The whole shabang with Cupid’s wreath and a mini rag wreath.

Me likey. :)

Cupid’s Wreath

Finally, now that Valentines is almost here, I did my first Valentines craft. It’s been on my to-do list all month long. Yay for getting things done! :)

I love the look of lace… it has such a romantic look.

Wrapped a foam wreath up in lace- it took 3 rolls of the smaller white lace I used. Used these foam hearts from Hobby Lobby, glued them in the sides; I ripped the heart off one stick and glued on feathers. Then used some wider red lace (also from HL) to make a rosette and to hang the wreath from.

A simple look but so romantic, ya!? :)

Berry great tag

And for my last Valentiney recipe, Cream-filled Strawberries, here’s s tag to go along with it!  Click on the image to download. Enjoy!! :)

Free for Personal Use Only.

Cupcake toppers!

To go along with my Chocolate mousse-filled cupcakes with chocolate ganache (woa :)), I made these fun cupcake toppers! Hope you like them! Have fun!



Scalloped heart Sweet!

You Take the Cake! (my personal favorite)

Free for Personal Use Only.