Valentine cards: Moana & Secret Life of Pets

These are two of our very favorite movies recently! So naturally we are going to use them as Valentines.


Come on, everyone’s favorite was either this crazy chicken or Maui right?!? what’s not to love! :)


2017-02-08 13.25.02

2017-02-08 13.25.41

2017-02-08 13.26.03

2017-02-08 13.26.27

2017-02-08 13.27.47-1

2017-02-08 13.31.28

2017-02-08 13.31.45

2017-02-08 13.32.22

2017-02-08 13.32.41




Click and download or drag to desktop to print.

Hei Hei


Maui hooked


Maui welcome









New site!

Sorry to those of you who came onto my blog and found out that it was down. I’ve been working on getting my site all fixed up and fancied up! I LOVE the new look! I hope you do too, and I hope you can find your way around with more ease. I know some of you were having a hard time leaving comments before, something funky goin’ on, so hopefully this new set up will be much easier.
Some of my favorite new features are the menus which include special tabs for my parties, digital kits, recipes with categories, and more ways to connect with me via Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, RSS. If you haven’t yet, go ahead and let’s get connected already! :) I hope you have fun looking around my new site and continue to enjoy my posts… Which I’m getting back to pronto! Christmas is just around the corner, eeks!!