Faith’s Frozen 7th Birthday party!!

Faithy bug is 7 now!! When I asked what kind of party she wanted, she went back and forth between so many things to do, then her last few decisions, I had to prompt her to do something a little more girly…. I had girls to be able to do girly stuff not boy stuff!! I don’t mind doing it, but several of her birthdays haven’t been as girly as I’d hoped, so I really pushed for something else besides TMNT, …. when I suggested Frozen, her eyes lit up and I knew we had hit a jackpot! I played up the theme with Elsa as much as possible with a few things from the other characters, but SHE was going to be the center of it because it’s GIRLY. :) Yay for success. haha

I love this movie just as much as Faith, ok probably not AS much, but it’s one of my favorites.


Birthday Girl! All she wanted for her birthday, besides clothes, was a Elsa dress up. I searched EVERYWHERE and they were all stinkin’ sold out!! I couldn’t believe it! I kept calling the Disney Store every week when they got their shipments in to see if they finally got some in- much to my dismay they kept telling me they didn’t know when it was going to arrive. I really was starting to fume smoke outta my ears; ridiculous that with a movie as popular as that, they should be stocked up to the wazoo with merchandise! Silly that I got so upset, but man…. unless I wanted to pay over $200 online, I wasn’t gonna get anything. I’m feeling the rage again as I type. hah ;)



Even though Faith was disappointed about no dress, I did happen to find an Elsa wand :/ better than nothing I guess…




 For the Food we had:

Ice Shards (melted jolly ranchers, broken)

Snowman Parts/ Carrots with fresh Snow dip (ranch)

Marshmallow Pops (Did you snow the big snow monster’s name is Marshmallow?)

Frozen Grapes

Snow Cap Punch

Jello ‘Ice Cubes’

Ice Cream Cake with Elsa and rock candy ‘trees’












For the Favors:

Ice Crystal wands (clear rock candy) with tags.




I loved these giant Snowflakes! Made out of glitter card stock, they were super easy to make and added the perfect touch!



Because I could barely find anything, I printed and laminated my own characters and stood them up in half styrofoam balls, right along with the signs I made. Worked out great!!






I bought the standup of the girls online, then made the Olaf one myself.



I love that my chandelier went perfect with the theme! Some people asked if I got it for the party………… ummm.. I tried not to laugh :)







Giant glittery snowflake to greet the guests…




The girls sung their hearts out and danced to “Let it Go”!


“Ice Painting” with epsom salt


“Do you wanna build a snowman?”



Cold Snowball (like hot potato with a styrofoam “snowball”)



Photo Op!!


Then they watched Frozen as they ate their cake and ice cream, waiting for their parents. Fun times, but friend parties are crrrrrazy. :)

 The next day, on her actual birthday, we had a family party that was much less crazy! Such a fun party all weekend long!



Spencer’s Abominable Snowman 2nd Birthday Party!!


My sweet little boy is officially a toddler! It’s a busy, crazy stage especially for little boys, as I’ve been finding out, but it’s so much fun too! He is always providing entertainment for us :)

I was thinking of a monster party for the little dude, but I thought maybe a snowman party since it’s winter…… that’s when I put the two together… monster, snowman…. Abominable Snowman!!!! It’s perfect! :) All the possibilities came flowing, specifically yellow (lemon) snow cones! hehe I had so much fun with this theme! Spencer especially liked all the sugar… but wouldn’t eat his own cake! sad :)

Color Scheme: Light blue, yellow and white. I wanted to create a snowy look from the Himalayas where the Abominable Snowman lives with pops of yellow and icy blue.


Each snow cone has some party info- “You are being banished to the Himalayas with our little Abominable Snowman who’s turning 2!”

Yeti’s Treats:

“Icicles”- Clear Rock Candy

“Snow Powder”- Homemade Pixie Sticks

“Lemon Snowball Cookies”

“Lemon Heads”

“Yellow Lemonade Snow Cones”

“Snowball” Lemon Birthday Cake


“Melted Snow”- Water Bottles


For the favors I gave them “Snow Balls”- Marshmallow Popcorn Balls with tag saying, “Thanks! Hope you had an abomina’ball’ time!”

















Painted styrofoam balls in snow cone cups.


Stringed pom poms, marshmallows and yellow paper circles hanging on clear thread against batting background as well as batting on the table, and pom poms sprinkled all over table.





I got the cutest Abominable Snowman hat on Etsy! Spence however did not share in my enthusiasm. The fur kept getting in his mouth and would not smile- this was the best I could get :)



Photo Op:

Everyone got to be an Abominable Snowman :)








For the games:

“Hunt the Abominable Snowman”

Two sets of cards, one for each team. First one to find all 10 wins!




“Don’t tamper with the mail”.

Yeti, the Abominable Snowman used to work in a mail room and was banished to the Himalayas when he got caught tampering with some mail. So with this game, I just had a package of prizes that one kid had behind their back and was “tampering” with it while one person tried guessing who it was. If they were caught, they were “banished to the himalayas” and became the guesser. If they didn’t get caught and were the last one picked, they got to open the bag of prizes. I totally just made this up on a whim and they LOVED it!!



“Monster world, Human world”.

Same rules as “Red light green light” game. When you turn your back, you say “Monster”, and when you turn towards us you say “Human”- don’t let the human see you move :)



Daddy and son matchy matchy. hah didn’t even realize it til they sat down to open gifts.



Spence got some great practice unwrapping for his birthday on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas morning.



Cake time! He was a little hesitant to blow out the candle :)


Poof :)



What a fun time we had with our sweet little boy and the friends and family that were able to come!!


Snow Cone cups- Garnish

Cake Pan- Wilton Sports ball cake pan

Clear Rock Candy- Zurcher’s Party store

Abominable Snowman Hat- HopTo on Etsy

Yeti plush Abominable Snowman- Disney store

All Tags/labels/Invites/Printables/Cake/Cookies/Pixie Stix/Popcorn Balls/Photography- Laura Harper @ My Pookie Designs

Butterfly birthday for our angel!

Yesterday was the birthday of our precious angel Mikayla! She would have been 5 years old! Crazy to think that much time has passed already. It’s always such a bittersweet day. Even though there were bound to be tears, it was a most beautiful day for a most beautiful angel girl. Surrounded by loved ones (physical and in spirit!), remembering and honoring Mikkie’s memory is the best way we can think to celebrate her special day. It was a happy day 5 years ago when our second little miracle came into our lives and she continues to bless our lives even through death. She has changed us in many ways and I thank her so much for that.

I like to take something that reminds me of Mikkie each year and decorate accordingly. This year was butterflies or “flah” as she would call them. We have a video of me swatting flies with the swatter and her laughing hysterically, it warms your heart right up! Also more significance to butter”flahs” is I was going to decorate her room with purple and butterflies, and also I put butterflies in my poem/song for her, they have a beautiful meaning.


Butterflies adorned practically everything :)


Gumballs and Kisses


Tulle pom poms- one of my favorite features, especially the glittery ones :) I could see Mikkie having a hay day with these!


Matching beautiful bouquet that we took to her grave.



Ruffled tablecloth skirt- another one of my favorite features.


Favors for the adults: Butterfly “Kisses” and Mikkie “hugs” :) (if it’s not obvious, bags were filled with hugs&kisses)


Favors for the Kids: Butterfly bag of gum balls!


The cake. I really wanted to make Mikkie a special cake and have been longing to try this petal cake out for long time, so I finally got down to it! I LOVE how it turned out!


Chocolate butterfly


Birthday Banner


photo 2 (1)

Cut up some tortillas with butterfly cutter to make these yummy cinnamon chips to go with a tasty coconut/marshmallow fluff dip.


I thought fortune cookies “glued” together would look like butterflies… kinda… right?! :) It was fun to hear people’s fortunes


Butterfly pasta salad.

photo 1 (2)

Butterfly crackers and cheese.

photo 4 (1)

photo 4 copy

Mmmmm tasty cake. No doubt Mikkie coulda downed that whole cake by herself! She’s a girl, and that’s chocolate! :)

photo 4 (3)

Beautiful Birthday for our Beautiful Angel girl! We love you sweet Mikayla!!

photo 3 (2) copy

Halloween Party Ninja Turtle Style….

It’s fun to take the theme of our costumes and include it in our Halloween Party. This year the hosts were:

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo & Donatello! The four totally rad, pizza-eating Ninja Turtles!


I wanted to make the entrance be kind of sewer-like…. so we put up a bunch of black plastic tablecloths that I cut up. I used the fog machine to fog it up, and of course a giant hanging spider with glowing red eyes :), then by the front door, i turned on a recording we made with sewer noises- water dripping, rat noises and ninja turtles talking (made it sound like they were in the distance).


oooooooooh. I was having too much fun with this fog machine! Why have I not gotten one earlier?!



Couldn’t find a faux Brick Wall so I got a big canvas tarp thing from Home Depot and used a marker to draw bricks. (Kinda hard to tell with the light behind). It worked out great! And those cool Gamma lids? Look just like sewer lids :)



Turtle heads under a “sewer” lid holding the Pizza!





Anyone else forget about the Krang? I thought Cauliflower would be perfect for it… dying it pink didn’t work, so I just spray painted it and roasted another head to lay around it to eat. It was also hard to draw on it, but it does look creepy :)







Sliced up these turtle heads and dipped them in this delicious healthy Caramel Apple Dip.


Turtle’s Fruit Bowl


 Turtle Jello Pops…. (Tip, Don’t put the candy eyes in until you’re ready to serve; if you’re being prepared and doing it ahead of time, they will melt giving it a freakish white floaty look. haha)


 Main course was of course PIZZA!!! And what better pizza then Papa Murphy’s!


 Toxic Ooze…. Lime sherbet + Lemon-lime soda… add some dry ice and it fits perfect



 When cups are filled with drink, they’re supposed to look like the Turtles heads.



 These were the favors…. mini Pizza boxes (adorable!!) with “Pizza” cookies.



 Some of the games for kids:

Shredder’s hidden prizes in shredded paper. We mixed a bunch of little prizes in with the shredded paper. Was it messy? oooooooh yea.


Made some “Toxic Ooze” and put them into little plastic tubes. Faith hid them and did “Hot or Cold” with the kids until they all found them! They were excited they got to keep it!


Chillin’ in our “Sewer”…. and doing what turtles do best…. eat pizza!



Piggy & Paul Bunyan


Vampire & Porcelain Doll


Robbers & Bag of Money (haha!)


Scooby & Cheetah


Let’s see….. Doctor & patient (the cast on her leg was for real so she planned costume around that!), Little Witch, Raggedy Ann & Leonardo da Vinci


Waldo & Wenda, Dragon, Iron Man, Peppermint Girl, Pirate & Pioneer Woman :)


Kids having a hayday digging through shredded paper


Voting for costume contest…. I had each family bring a prize for each category, it was fun!


We put together a game of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and played Boys vs Girls…. Boys won! Tim did a super job of making it possible to play on the tv with all his amazingly brilliant techy skills :)


Aftermath. Yea, I’m still finding little papers around haha. Everyone was so great to help clean up all over! Party was all a success once again thanks to everyone!


Outdoors Movie Night

My family had a “Staycation” a couple of weeks ago and the first night we had an outdoor movie night! I jumped at the chance to make a concession stand!! We had popcorn with mix-ins, kettle corn (Tim’s delicious version), and drinks and everyone else brought their favorite movie snack! So Fun!


I want to make it a tradition to do Outdoor Movie Nights every summer, I love it!!


Fun props. Just printed out an image, placed in frame and made the clapper from leftover foam board and painted it.



To start off with…


Bags for popcorn, and coffee filters to put other snacks in.4

Clear cups, lids and big, colorful smoothie straws5



This reel I also made from foam board- easy peasy8

The globe lights added the perfect movie touch at night








Imagine the treats in these empty baskets… I had to take pictures with good light, before it all got there.







Cardboard boxes hand-stamped with each family’s names. That’s what held all their goodness!


The wind was not being cooperative that night of course, we had to move the concessions inside. At least I got some pictures and we still got to watch the movie out! 23

Drink Station. I love these drinks. Dressed them up with some personalized tags and twine.24

All ready in jammies and snack tray in hand… good to go!25

My favorite are the colorful drinks in the clear cups. SO FUN!26

Must-have for movie night…. neon pink fuzzy soft blankie….. can you guess whom that belongs to? :)27

Tim’s fantastic Kettle Corn! I need to share the recipe!28

It’s like a legit Drive-In movie theater…. but at the comfort of your own home! :)29

Surprise Minecraft Party




Dear hubby turned 31. Since he was gone to Europe last year for his big 3-0, I didn’t get to do anything big…. not like Europe wasn’t big enough. I didn’t feel too bad for him ;)

Ever heard of Minecraft? Hubby got me sucked into it.. so now him, me and Faith play together some nights… it’s pretty fun to do together :) Yes we are a family of Nerds and proud of it ;) Since this is one of his favorite games I thought it would be fun to throw together a Minecraft party. Of course I started thinking about things the week prior and didn’t do as much as I woulda liked buuuuuut it turned out great to him and he LOVED it! His reaction made it all worth it. :)


Birthday breakfast: Banana Pancakes with Coconut Cream syrup and sprinkles :) we ran out of syrup and so I just improvised with a can of coconut milk and it actually turned out super good.
birthday boy

My gift to him: “All about YOU” basket. I wrote a list of 31 things I love about him, then for most of them I found something at the store to go along with it… i.e. “Style” with AE giftcard, “Know how to have fun” with board game (walking dead happens to be his favorite- the game is as close to the movie I’ll get ;), “good lookin'” with mirror, “Sensitive to my feelings” with tissue, “love to date me” with package of dates, “great cook” with wooden spoons….. etc..  He absolutely loved it, it was so fun to see his face as he made the connections with things :)


These glasses went with “Joking around together”. Good look eh :)


“problem solver” with Rubik’s cube (he’s always wanted one) He’s very good at it but I hate the darn thing, so frustrating.


This shirt was super easy to make with $3 shirt from Wally World, fabric paint and freezer paper. He’s now a proud owner of a Minecraft Creeper shirt. When he put that on, Faith said, “Hey dad, you’re a creeper!” hahah We all laughed cuz that just doesn’t sound right….

Creeper tim

The setup


Mr. Creeper backdrop and birthday sign Minecraft style

creeper sign

Just a few known things from the game that I incorporated in the food…. TNT Licorice, “Sticks”

licorice sticks

“Creeper Corn”


“Bread” pita bread with Carrots and hummus, Potato Salad… I had signs for those too but somehow misplaced them :/.

“Dirt Cube” Fudge. Recipe for another post.

carrots fudge

Foldable paper blocks made a fun, cheap, easy decoration…. THIS site has a lot of Minecraft paper crafts.


Fun Printables… Even though these signs started bugging me not too long after seeing them online…everywhere, I couldn’t resist to make them for this party :)



Yes two desserts. On his birthday we had a party with my fam (which was the surprise) and that’s where I made the one on the right (Which I’m doing a separate post for recipe… and a better picture) and the Oreo Ice cream cake I made for Sunday for party with Tim’s family! It was all so very good!


And of course, a birthday wouldn’t be official without Silly String!! We got him like 3 times hahah

Happy Birthday Handsome! :)

Spencer dude turns 1!

My little Christmas Eve baby is ONE already! But… I thought he was going to stay a baby forever!! :)

As I was thinking about what theme to do, I had already been thinking a monster theme. Then I thought of things about him and the fact that he eats a lot came to mind, we call him our little om nom. Instantly I thought of the cute little green monster named Om Nom from the App game “Cut the Rope” and fell in love with the idea!

My little Om Nom!

Only downside to having parties at night is you don’t get great lighting for pictures… oh well, did the best with what I had.

The invite:

I printed a picture of Om Nom on photo paper (got 4 on an 8×10), then used an exacto knife to cut part of his mouth for the candy to go into. Taped twine to backs to attach him and the peppermint with the party info.

The peppermint candy in the game made it easy to think of ideas, and made it especially easy with all things peppermint in the stores during Christmas.

Here are the favors:

I printed and cut out a box template, cut out a circle for front and put in a peppermint sugar cookie. I tried piping on red frosting and swirling like Bakerella did but it didn’t turn out so pretty. So I opted for cutting out a peppermint shape for a stencil and sprinkled edible glitter on (that I bought forever ago and finally got to use it!) Not perfect, but so cute!

The top of the box I used a scalloped punch to cut out “Thanks for cOMNOMing over!” :)

I got sick with some nasty strain of the flu that week and thanks to my mom and hubby I got better 2 days before the party…. enough time to pull off the party but not to get everything done that I wanted. So I called up a bakery near us, The Swirly Girls bakery, and had them make up an Om Nom chocolate cake. It was very delicious and so adorable!

Plush Om Nom. This lil guy is so cute

Color scheme was from the game: Green, blue, cardboard and peppermint :) Used small boxes as stands.. the backdrop was a foam board covered with green plastic tablecloth. I cut out circles from a darker green plastic cloth and taped to board. A green plastic table skirt covered the edges and Kraft paper covered the top of counter.

Red Squeeze-its added a fun pop of color. Served up peppermint whipped cream dip in mini martini glasses, served with ginger thins

Peppermint wreath was a fun addition to backdrop. There are bubbles in the game and so I got some clear balloons to act as bubbles :) I tried filling them with unwrapped peppermints but they would stick together and rip little holes making balloon deflate, so I left them wrapped, shoved them in and blew up the balloons. Very fun!

The spidey’s from the game are my favorites! Cute fuzzy black pompoms made from yarn and googly eyes stringed onto twine made for a super cute garland!

Photo Op:

Easy peasy- Cardboard box, cut out circle and taped sign saying “Feed with Candy”, and hung a peppermint from string. Bummed I didn’t get the rest of the guests! :( I was busy in the kitchen and the rest of the party went by in a snap. I did remember to hand out the favors this time though…thanks to hubby!


This is the balloon bottom pop. I had kids in 2 teams, they would grab a balloon, run back to the chair and pop the balloon by sitting on them. Faithy is light as a feather so I had to help her pop it. haha I added a twist to the game though… In the App game, you need to get 3 stars to win, so I cut out 3 sparkly foam stars and put them in 3 of the balloons for each team and so first team to get the 3 stars won.

The boys won! So fun

Cookie hang! Like the donut hang people usually play for Halloween parties. I made up some peppermint swirl cookies, poked a hole and tied some twine to it and everybody got to be Om Nom, trying to eat the candy :) It was good fun to watch everyone, especially the adults :)

Spencer Matching game! I made a couple sets for people to play if they wanted. I printed up a bunch of my favorite pictures of Spencer at Costco, cut them and taped on the “levels” image from Cut the Rope as the backs. Another twist to make things original… I put in 3 pictures of the Spidey, so if someone picked it up they lost a turn. Faith loves matching games (and is VERY good at them) and this version is by far our very favorite! :)

Another little game I had out for whoever wanted to play– ever spinned coins around on their side? Well, we spinned peppermints to see who’s spinned the longest. Mine kept flipping off the table and cracking on the floor… left a big mess, that’s when I decided to quit :) These gals did great tho!

Since Spencer loves to eat a lot, I wanted to do a dinner, so I decided on a Pizza Bar. Easy, fun and tasty! After most people had dug in I realized I didn’t get a picture, so…. sorry for this pic, but you can see what I did. I love, love using Pita Bread as the crusts (makes baking speedy!) I put a couple pizzas on some cookie sheets and threw in the oven, turned onto Broil @ High and baked for 4 minutes. Cooked to perfection! There were some great looking pizzas people made.

Present time. Spence dude was great at unwrapping them! I ripped a little piece up, he grabbed it and i just spinned the gift til the paper came off :)

I loved his party hat.. a twine-wrapped ‘1’ and topped with a fuzzy Spidey… He hated it on but forgot about it once his hands were busy with food :)

Cake time! Love the pic on the right…. totally reminds me of a picture of Faith when she was younger…. our kids sure love to pull that look. ha

Om nom nom…. love the frosting ‘stache

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet Spencer dude! He’s the best Christmas gift we’ve ever gotten, so grateful for him to be part of our family, I just love him to itty bitty pieces! :)

Of course,  no party is complete without Karaoke so we busted that out and my favorite was most definitely the guys singing Santa Baby :) Good times!
My friend, Krista, is going to win American Idol one day… she’s amazing!

 Great turnout, great company, great party for a great little boy!

80’s Rock Star Party

My sil asked me to do a party for one of my big bro’s who turned the big 30. You can imagine how I jumped at the invite! :) It was fun to combine 2 themes together, 80’s and Rock Star. I chose neon and black for the color scheme, because what’s more fun and totally rockin’ than neon!?

For the treats/snacks I did:

Microphone push pops (made with chocolate pudding, snickers, whip cream, brownie and crushed oreos) So fun and so scrumptious!

Drum sticks (pretzel rods)

Black sixlets (just because. Do I need a reason to have more chocolate? ;)

California Raisins (picture pasted on mini raisin boxes) I watched these guys all the time!

Pop Rocks

Rock Candy

And my personal favorite Rock Star drinks with custom labels I designed. LOVE how they turned out, the picture of him couldn’t be more perfect. I liked the idea to have a place for people to write their name so they don’t forget which drink is theirs.

These little party lights added a fun touch.

Does anyone know how to actually do a Rubik’s cube? those things drive me nuts, but the kids had fun playing around with them :)

Stocked up with plenty of totally awesome glasses and rockin’ inflatable guitars. I like the look of the V guitars.

I decided on jumbo neon shapes, including good ol’ Pac Man, for the backdrop- fun 80’s feel. This sign was another favorite of mine. I poked holes in a foam board, poked christmas lights through, and put a canvas in middle with words taped on.

Black records and tin pails made for some fun “cake stands”

I also designed some fun VIP Backstage Passes for everyone to wear…

This was a surprise party, so we were waitin’ with all our awesome getup on and….well, just see the look on his face below to see how surprised he was! hah love it

Pumpkin pie is his favorite…. I knew there’s a reason we’re related ;)

I thought it was funny the kids were entertained with the dog cage. Seriously, who needs toys!

I invited anyone who wanted to, to dress up 80’s style! We got some BIG hair (love my sister’s and her little girl), rolled up jeans, neon clothes and bright crazy makeup! I’m so glad the 80’s are over, but it was sure fun to dress up… you know me, any chance to dress up AND party!!

Spence dude kinda reminds me of the ‘Look who’s Talking’ baby, except a TON cuter of course :)

My brother borrowed Rock Band from a friend and we brought our karaoke stuff and we jammed all night long! It was some serious fun.

A lot of the following pictures are not so good, sorry… low lighting is hard to work with.

Meanwhile, I held an Inflatable Guitar Contest for the kiddies outside, complete with judges and trophies and everything! These kids have got some moves… Jagger. haha jk I couldn’t help but think of that song when I typed that ;) Of course they all got rated a 10 and all received a trophy stuffed with neon covered sugar. You’re welcome parents :)

These were the coolest rock stars there!

I really did have a BLAST throwing that party! We had a few other parties the following days but sadly Faithy and I got sick :( BOO. oh well, this party was totally worth it! :)

Kelsey’s Carnival Party!

I’ve been wanting to do a Carnival party for a while now, and was SUPER excited when my sister wanted one for her little girl! I was glad to hear that she didn’t want the regular ol’ carnival colors- red, blue, yellow… but wanted a vintagey looking color scheme. I LOVE these colors, it reminds me of a mix between and ice cream shoppe and a carnival. Ooooh just love it, makes me wanna go to a carnival now!


I looked all over for a thick striped, aqua and white anything…. fabric, tablecloth, sheets, whatever but nothing. Time was running out so I decided just to make my own. Went to Wally world were I saw the perfect color of aqua (tho it looks more minty in the pix)! I went straight home to work on it and a day later had the cutest awning to use!! The sun was shining pretty bright and was pretty windy that day (curse the wind on party days!;) so you can’t really see but I scalloped the edges of it. LOVE!

That little ferris wheel behind the popcorn is a picture frame holder that I’ve had forever and a day. We didn’t get pictures in it of Kelsey but it still made a cute decoration!

This adorable ferris wheel cupcake holder is the main reason I wanted to do a carnival party, I was SO excited to get the package!

I wanted to make a custom ticket with coordinating colors and put her birthday as the ticket number. Such a fun added detail!

White paper bags with my new favorite lace-scalloped punch! Adds a super easy and cute look. We were going to do pie pops but opted for healthier fruit kabobs since there was so many sweets already.

Cotton candy cones! I made up some scalloped designs and taped them to some sno cone cups.

The cake she got from Nothing Bundt Cake was super adorable and DElish! I love that place

She has a friend who owns machines for carnivals, so she borrowed the cotton candy and sno cone machine. Such a fun addition to the party and made the Carnival theme really come alive!

The cute birthday girl and her mama :)

Meet Harley. They rented a pony for a few hours for the kids to ride on. SUPER fun idea! She loves animals so that was perfect. I was just sad adults couldn’t ride on it, I wanted to dust off my ol’ horseback riding skills!

The guys blowing up balloon animals…  and horsing around hah that’s my family right there :)

I cracked up when I saw this smile of Spencer’s below… what a funny baby

Cake time!

Harley came to check out what was going on… haha

Photo Op! My favorite part of the party…. Way ta be good sports everyone! :)

Happy birthday, Kelsey!! Sure was a fun party to do for a fun little girl!

Empty Nesters!

After 35 years of marriage, my parents are finally empty nesters! All 6 kids outta the house. Kind of a bitter-sweet thing. We’re a close family, always had friends over, usually someone always home…. would be weird to go to an empty, quiet house after that. My sil came up with the grand idea of doing an Empty Nester’s party for them. I excitedly volunteered to host it, and had all sorts of ideas run through my head. My favorite part is, after weeks of planning, seeing everything come together as I put it up! Major thrill! :)


Empty Nester’s

Had a pretty bright sun shining through that window, the wreath looked like a glowing angel halo ha!

This was the only pic I got with the cute pom pom garland hanging up…

I thought it would be fun to give them a book for Empty Nester’s. Good ol’ Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Empty nests….no eggs, just feathers :) Got both at Hobby Lobby.

Feather boa wreath on holder I made last year and am finally putting to use!  Ikea frame with printables I made…. available to download at end of post :)

Spray painted a mason jar and filled with fresh white daisies.

My bro had brilliant idea to do an ‘early bird’ breakfast….totally went with the theme so I went with it!

I decided an omelette bar would be fun. With all the yummy fixins + OJ, watermelon and hashbrowns.

Notice I have glass AND plastic bottles… yea, wasn’t about to give glass to the kids :)

Their anniversary happens to be in a few weeks too, so we all pitched in on some bikes for them so they could have something fun to do together!

We missed my dad! Unbeknownst to them the party was a surprise, he was unable to come so I had to break it to him. I guess it would be easier for everyone to not do surprises. hah


Free printables- Personal Use Only. Click image to save and download. Enjoy!



4×6 sign–>

Water bottle/candy bar wrapper –>  {I didn’t end up using these, I decided on the glass jars instead of water bottles.}