Halloween 2013!

It was Faith’s idea to be the Ninja Turtles, and a great idea it was! I didn’t even know she knew about them…. and I didn’t know there’s like 4 generations of them…. I used to watch them back in the day but looked much different. I gotta admit though, the new shows are pretty entertaining :)

I looked all over for costumes and didn’t see any that I really liked… so I took matters into my own hands and made them! It really wasn’t that hard, just took a bit of time. I love how they turned out, so much cooler than the store bought ones in my personal opinion! ;) If you want to see how I made them, read on… otherwise skip to the pictures :)

  • With our shirts, I got a piece of yellow felt, rounded the corners and sewed across in black thread to make it look like turtle 6 pack ;)
  • I used a circle skirt pattern for Faith and I with awesome scaly-like fabric, super easy skirt!
  • For Spencer’s outfit, I found a dragon costume at Kid-to-Kid for cheap, cut off the spikes on top, and sewed yellow felt over belly (it was purple underneath which actually was great cuz his color was purple). Worked super good, it kept him warm on a chilly night too, unlike me… I was freezing!
  • For the masks, I used green felt, then glued colored fabric on top and ribbon on the sides.
  • For the belt, a thick strip of fabric with green felt circle and fabric letter sewed on top. Used velcro dots to make it stay on.
  • For all the ties around knees and arms, I just cut strips of fabric.
  • And the shells…. Turkey roaster pans from Dollar Store, spray painted green- also used green glitter blast on mine and Faith’s. Poked slits in top sides, slid ribbon through and tied around shoulders/behind back.




She’s got some major ninja faces here…. if I didn’t know any better, I’d think she IS a ninja. :)

IMG_4520 copy


Look at that serious face… don’t mess! ;)


He loved the mask ;) He was good to keep it on all through pictures!


Do turtles have tails? hah Well this one does!




I was Raphael and Tim was Michelangelo, he wanted the nunchucks :)


Ninja moves, forgot my cool knives!


I loved the shells!


A bunch of us gather in our circle with potluck and a fire pit, music and our buckets of candy for the trick-or-treaters. It’s fun to visit with awesome neighbors.

Faith was SO excited to trick-or-treat with her best friend!


Spence wasn’t quite sure about the fire…. but I was cozied up to it all night! Next year, full body fuzzy suit to stay warm! :)


Halloween Party Ninja Turtle Style….

It’s fun to take the theme of our costumes and include it in our Halloween Party. This year the hosts were:

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo & Donatello! The four totally rad, pizza-eating Ninja Turtles!


I wanted to make the entrance be kind of sewer-like…. so we put up a bunch of black plastic tablecloths that I cut up. I used the fog machine to fog it up, and of course a giant hanging spider with glowing red eyes :), then by the front door, i turned on a recording we made with sewer noises- water dripping, rat noises and ninja turtles talking (made it sound like they were in the distance).


oooooooooh. I was having too much fun with this fog machine! Why have I not gotten one earlier?!



Couldn’t find a faux Brick Wall so I got a big canvas tarp thing from Home Depot and used a marker to draw bricks. (Kinda hard to tell with the light behind). It worked out great! And those cool Gamma lids? Look just like sewer lids :)



Turtle heads under a “sewer” lid holding the Pizza!





Anyone else forget about the Krang? I thought Cauliflower would be perfect for it… dying it pink didn’t work, so I just spray painted it and roasted another head to lay around it to eat. It was also hard to draw on it, but it does look creepy :)







Sliced up these turtle heads and dipped them in this delicious healthy Caramel Apple Dip.


Turtle’s Fruit Bowl


 Turtle Jello Pops…. (Tip, Don’t put the candy eyes in until you’re ready to serve; if you’re being prepared and doing it ahead of time, they will melt giving it a freakish white floaty look. haha)


 Main course was of course PIZZA!!! And what better pizza then Papa Murphy’s!


 Toxic Ooze…. Lime sherbet + Lemon-lime soda… add some dry ice and it fits perfect



 When cups are filled with drink, they’re supposed to look like the Turtles heads.



 These were the favors…. mini Pizza boxes (adorable!!) with “Pizza” cookies.



 Some of the games for kids:

Shredder’s hidden prizes in shredded paper. We mixed a bunch of little prizes in with the shredded paper. Was it messy? oooooooh yea.


Made some “Toxic Ooze” and put them into little plastic tubes. Faith hid them and did “Hot or Cold” with the kids until they all found them! They were excited they got to keep it!


Chillin’ in our “Sewer”…. and doing what turtles do best…. eat pizza!



Piggy & Paul Bunyan


Vampire & Porcelain Doll


Robbers & Bag of Money (haha!)


Scooby & Cheetah


Let’s see….. Doctor & patient (the cast on her leg was for real so she planned costume around that!), Little Witch, Raggedy Ann & Leonardo da Vinci


Waldo & Wenda, Dragon, Iron Man, Peppermint Girl, Pirate & Pioneer Woman :)


Kids having a hayday digging through shredded paper


Voting for costume contest…. I had each family bring a prize for each category, it was fun!


We put together a game of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and played Boys vs Girls…. Boys won! Tim did a super job of making it possible to play on the tv with all his amazingly brilliant techy skills :)


Aftermath. Yea, I’m still finding little papers around haha. Everyone was so great to help clean up all over! Party was all a success once again thanks to everyone!


Halloween Fun!

I wanted to get some more pictures of the kids in their costumes and I also wanted to do some with fall leaves so I did them together. Here are my favy:

If you look closely, the picture below on far right, Spencer has his teeth out like a bunny… perfect. ha :)


Halloween night we have a potluck out in our circle and hang out with everyone, it’s a lot of fun! The weather couldn’t have been more perfect!

Finally we have a picture with all 4 of us- Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Alice and White Rabbit. Didn’t have time to finish off hubby’s makeup tho :(

We have the coolest neighbors ever!!

Faith and friends “Tick” or Treating :)

Such a fun day, Happy Halloween to everyone!

Halloweeny BOOkfast!

Faith has been uber excited for Halloween, I got to hear her count down how many days every day in October :) I wanted to make a special breakfast for her to get her even more excited about the fun day ahead of her…  She was so surprised to wake up to a fun spooky meal. She wasn’t the only excited one though…I’m using cookie cutters on all my food now, makes it much more fun to eat :)

6th Annual Halloween Partay!!

 I was pretty excited about our costumes this year: Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, Alice and White Rabbit.

Sadly Spence was sleeping half the night, so didn’t get a picture with all of us.

We had a cool and scary bunch including:

….Mr. Last Minute Costume (ha;) & Mrs. This is My Costume Pumpkin

Lions and Tigers and bears AND ‘OH MY!’ (So clever!)

Tony Romo

Jason and White Witch (gorgeous dress!)

Jem, Batman, Superman, IncrediWoman, Captain America, Princess and …Supergirl? (can’t remember ha)

Not pictured in Photo Op- {BUMMER!} Ring master with circus family; Black eyed- peas, Minnie Mouse and Kitty; James bond, Batman & Police Officer.

 After photo op, I had everyone walk in one by one down the “Red Carpet” {Red plastic tablecloth taped on floor down entryway} to Rockin’ Halloween music while I announced everyone through a microphone. So much fun to show off everyone’s creativity!

For the food this year, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a touch of Wonderland (the theme of our costumes) into the Halloween mix. It turned out really fun!

Everyone brought something to share- and ALL of it was SO delicious!! Thanks again guys!!

We provided:

Main meal was BOOsghetti with eyeballs {meatballs with delicious sauce}

Playing cards garlic bread {I got mini pepperoni’s and pinched them to look like hearts :)}

Cheshire Cat Cheeseball {My Fav of it all!}

Alice’s Shrinking Potion {I mixed a blue drink with yellow lemonade to get pretty aqua color}

Witches Brew in mini Cauldrons for Kids topped with witches hats!

Queen of Heart tarts {My other very Fav! I used my favorite turnover recipe and mini heart cookie cutter to make them.} They went fast!

Mad Hatter mushroom cupcakes {Made paper pinwheels and glued to striped straws then stuck into styrofoam base which was kinda hid with cheesecloth draped across.

Roll the Dice marshmallows. {used a sucker stick, dipped in black food coloring and pressed dots onto marshmallows.} There was a hidden Trick in this Treat…unbeknownst to the kids, after eating the whole plate they had black lips and mouth! HA!

For the favors (which I forgot to hand out AGAIN, arg), Alice’s “Eat Me” Cookies packaged in baggies.

I thought it would be fun to pull out Halloween photos from previous Halloween parties, so made up a Wall of Fame with 6 years of Halloween fun! Can’t believe we’ve been doing it for 6 years!!

These little cookies are not what you’re used to… first of all, they’re paper :) and they are MISfortune cookies. I had everyone write a misfortune on a slip of paper and slip it into a paper cookie. I then mixed them up, passed it around and everyone read theirs. It was pretty funny to hear them. Mine said something about having gas for 20 years from eating the meatballs that night… haha

 This game I got the idea from a jewelry party I went to, everyone seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. I wrapped a prize (gift cards work great) up in layers of paper, duct tape, etc..  you wear gloves and try to rip open the package before someone else rolls doubles with the dice. (Use jumbo fuzzy dice. Made mine with photo cubes covered with felt.)

Meanwhile, the kids were keeping busy with games like Witch Pitch, Ghostie bowling, Don’t Eat Frank and cookie decorating, collecting many much prizes along the way.

Awards were given after everyone wrote down their votes. Each dressed Skelly came with a gift card as the prize! And the winners were:

Prettiest- White Witch

Most Original: Jem

Best Couple: Super Man & IncrediWoman

Scariest: Mad Hatter

Funniest: Mr. Last Minute Costume

This is the Paper Bag game. We played this a lot growing up. My dad would always win because he learned how to squat really low while in Thailand on his mission. This time, my brother Paul was so good it was disgusting. He’s extremely flexible like Gumbi. Everyone did awesome, it was fun to watch them! I am not flexible, mostly cuz of my back.

Here we have a game wearing nylons on your head with a ball in one side, racing to knock down water bottles. It ended up being more fun than we thought. So funny to see them with their getup :) The guys were totally whomping the gals on this one!

Last but not least, good ol’ Karaoke fun. I always have fun with this. There’s some awesome talent! :)

Random partying fun :)

I had such a blast with everyone, definitely lots of fun!!! Makes it even more fun when everyone breaks lose and participates!

Ding dong….

the witch is dead… It’s been AGES since I’ve seen Wizard of Oz! I’ve seen some fun witch legs poppin up on the web and was reminded of the scene from Wizard of Oz with the witch legs, wearing ruby slippers, smooshed under a house. My dad graciously (and very excitedly) gave me some old shutters he had lyin’ around. One man’s junk is another’s treasure, right? ;) I didn’t want them to get ruined outside so this fun little scene sits right in my living room close to the door… to go along with the “Ding Dong” of course! :) Main reason I decided to use the shutters is because of the tornado in the movie, and it gave me something to put legs under :)

Found some heels in my stash and spray painted red and sprinkled with red glitter. I spray painted the frame (found @ Hobby Lobby) with Krylon red Glitter Blast, it’s pretty, but I find using regular glitter gives a lot more bling!

Got some cheap black/white striped tights, stuffed with fluff, shoved into ruby slippers and smooshed them under the shutters.

Used the printable I made and stuck it in frame, hung it up with ribbon from knob, added a witch hat and broom to complete the look!

 Seein’ as I had pretty much most of this lyin’ around or got it from someone, it was very cheap! I am in love with those witch legs haha
Whether you have a frame or are going to go glitter one up now…. download my printable HERE to put in there for a cute, easy Halloween decoration!

Candy Corn Wreath

I’m into all things Candy Corn this year, just love all the decorations that have the candy corn look! Definitely is a fun Halloweeny look.

My friend invited me over the other week to make this super cute Candy Corn wreath! Got the idea here. I didn’t wrap my foam wreath with muslin first like she did, I didn’t really see the need. I used pins for half of it then I just finished by poking it in with a pencil and dab of hot glue. She used pretty darker fall colors but I opted for the brighter hues. You know me, gotsta be bright! ;) Finish off with a black ribbon bow and there you have a simple, CUTE Halloween wreath! Thanks to my awesome friend (Amber!) for the craft idea!!

This is my 5th wreath and I’m still thinking about making a few more.. ha! Can’t have enough wreaths. :)