Summa Fun!

Well I’ve had a nice long break! I’m back and rarin’ to go :)

School starts next week, I’m not quite ready for that yet, Summer just barely started!! I enjoyed every minute of it.

Here’s a little snippet from our Summer…. little with a bunch of pix :)








Mother’s Day


Running with Angels 5K






more messes…..






Blowing out burnt mallow for my birthday wish ;)


Being pampered by this Hunk!




GF s’more with Sesame crackers, and a symphony chocolate bar- totally better than regular s’mores!!






For a kid who loves to make messes, he doesn’t like getting sticky from these :/



Father’s Day breakfast pancake art :)



Bacon bouquet- I think I might prefer these over regular flowers too! mmmm





one-on-one time with our new lil guy!


LOTS of brotherly love :)









Attempting potty training……all we got was his snack, banana chunks hahah



MORE MESSES!!! Kuzco appreciated the 3 lbs of cashews…. :/

sigh…… more. mess.



I still love him to pieces



Trying out our Zoku popsicle maker!



First bath (for baby ;)




















Shaving cream twister family fun!


IMG_8771 IMG_8784


Sunday picnics with Mikkie :D



Cruisin’ in dad’s new ride!!



Decluttering house!! LOTS of trips to DI and Dump!



Magical lock to finally stop the mess madness!! with food anyways  muahahahaha



Flour game family fun!


Get that chocolate chip! :)




July 24th- Pioneer Day!



Rita’s with cousins!












Sweet Aunt Traci!



Spencer’s first time seeing fireworks up close and personal- he had quite the reaction! hah










 Such an amazing Summer so far… I’m so not wanting it to end!!!

Baby #4!!

This summer we had the most exciting trip- the hospital to have our fourth little miracle!! :)

Last prego picture!!


Welcome Emmett Clayton Harper!

Born June 20th, 2014

8 lbs 8 oz. 21.5″ long.

No extras this time :) That’s the first thing we checked.


It’s a GOOD thing I was induced and didn’t wait to go on my own or I woulda had this baby on my front lawn! I usually go 2 weeks early, but I just wasn’t making much progress. I was feeling very discouraged though sympathy wasn’t coming from anywhere else, my doc said ‘ah I don’t feel so bad for you’. hahaha I felt like giving him a big noogie. ;)

20 minute labor once doc broke my water, 1 enormous push and Emmett was here!! No time for an epidural again, but really if I go fast I prefer to not have one because recovery is SO much better after!


Proud papa :)



Love from grandparents…




Big sister was SO excited he was finally here!!!




More lovin’ from grandparents

Fun firework show from our hospital room!







Sweet baby pictures taken by my SIL!





Spencer boo at TWO!

Over a month later and I’m finally getting this boy up to date :) Really, the reason I didn’t do it earlier is because I couldn’t stinkin’ get some good pictures of him! Toddler BOYS are hard to get decent pictures of! hahah  I just love this look on my little boo’s face! He for sure keeps us busy but that includes laughing a lot! :)Spencer @ 2

First visit from the Tooth Fairy!!

I don’t know if you believe in the Tooth Fairy in your house, but I have some fond memories of it when I was little. Particularly how much I played it up for my younger sister…. I had a little Polly Pocket fairy (remember those things??) and told her that she was always watching over her. Then, when she’d lose a tooth, I told her that the Tooth Fairy would call and ask if she’s been good (yes, I abused the power of the tooth fairy to make sure my little sister was nice to me hahah); sooooo I would have her wait by the phone and I would “go see if the fairy was ready”, aka go into my mom’s room and pick the phone up, pressing a number so no dial tone was heard, then told her to pick up the phone. I’d pretend to be the Tooth Fairy, talking in a sickingly sweet, high girly voice. She fell for that for quite a while. I still tease her to this day ;)


Faith has been very anxious to lose her first tooth, seeing as all her friends have lost several already! Yesterday she came home from school saying it hurt to eat on it, so I wiggled it for myself and sure enough it was ripe to be ripped! Oddly enough, out of nowhere I was excited about it too! That’s what makes it all more fun, when the parents get just as excited about things right?! Makes it seem even more magical. So I laid her down on the floor, telling her it was no big deal, (as my thoughts raced back to the fear I felt when my dad yank the sucker outta there). How come it’s usually the dads who do this? I knew I could do it! It took about 5 minutes for her to calm down, and I told her we celebrate by getting a ‘Sweet Tooth’ fix- a treat of her choice. With tissue in hand, one failed attempt, and one good grab later the tooth was out! And the blood came. Gotta love that taste of blood in your mouth. She actually had a tooth behind it that was already halfway in!

She was SO excited! She called Daddy and Grandparents to share her exciting news! She couldn’t wait to tell her friends and teacher at school to be on the “tooth list”… whatever that is.

To celebrate we:
Indulged our sweet tooth with ice cream and chocolate fudge sauce!

Watched the Tooth Fairy




And Faith picked out fabric for me to make her a Tooth Pillow to put her tooth in!!


I love this little Toofie pocket


Drop the toofie in to keep it safe….


While child is sleeping, take your little fairy wand and fairy dust and work your magic!


Sprinkle Fairy Dust all over money and under pillow


Take tooth, put money in, put under pillow and sprinkle with more fairy dust!


I absolutely love this little pillow and this tradition is so fun! It’s so fun to see the excitement in Faith’s eyes as she believes in this world of magic.


Like, she really believes in magic…. while I was gone, daddy played with her, controlling the sound on tv from his laptop, making her believe she has magical powers since she lost her tooth. You’ve got to watch this video, it’s so hilarious! She is just the sweetest little girl, I love her to pieces!

 It’s a bit long, but it’s too funny, the end is my favorite part…. “This is crazy! How is this is happening to  me!” hahaha

Halloween Party Ninja Turtle Style….

It’s fun to take the theme of our costumes and include it in our Halloween Party. This year the hosts were:

Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo & Donatello! The four totally rad, pizza-eating Ninja Turtles!


I wanted to make the entrance be kind of sewer-like…. so we put up a bunch of black plastic tablecloths that I cut up. I used the fog machine to fog it up, and of course a giant hanging spider with glowing red eyes :), then by the front door, i turned on a recording we made with sewer noises- water dripping, rat noises and ninja turtles talking (made it sound like they were in the distance).


oooooooooh. I was having too much fun with this fog machine! Why have I not gotten one earlier?!



Couldn’t find a faux Brick Wall so I got a big canvas tarp thing from Home Depot and used a marker to draw bricks. (Kinda hard to tell with the light behind). It worked out great! And those cool Gamma lids? Look just like sewer lids :)



Turtle heads under a “sewer” lid holding the Pizza!





Anyone else forget about the Krang? I thought Cauliflower would be perfect for it… dying it pink didn’t work, so I just spray painted it and roasted another head to lay around it to eat. It was also hard to draw on it, but it does look creepy :)







Sliced up these turtle heads and dipped them in this delicious healthy Caramel Apple Dip.


Turtle’s Fruit Bowl


 Turtle Jello Pops…. (Tip, Don’t put the candy eyes in until you’re ready to serve; if you’re being prepared and doing it ahead of time, they will melt giving it a freakish white floaty look. haha)


 Main course was of course PIZZA!!! And what better pizza then Papa Murphy’s!


 Toxic Ooze…. Lime sherbet + Lemon-lime soda… add some dry ice and it fits perfect



 When cups are filled with drink, they’re supposed to look like the Turtles heads.



 These were the favors…. mini Pizza boxes (adorable!!) with “Pizza” cookies.



 Some of the games for kids:

Shredder’s hidden prizes in shredded paper. We mixed a bunch of little prizes in with the shredded paper. Was it messy? oooooooh yea.


Made some “Toxic Ooze” and put them into little plastic tubes. Faith hid them and did “Hot or Cold” with the kids until they all found them! They were excited they got to keep it!


Chillin’ in our “Sewer”…. and doing what turtles do best…. eat pizza!



Piggy & Paul Bunyan


Vampire & Porcelain Doll


Robbers & Bag of Money (haha!)


Scooby & Cheetah


Let’s see….. Doctor & patient (the cast on her leg was for real so she planned costume around that!), Little Witch, Raggedy Ann & Leonardo da Vinci


Waldo & Wenda, Dragon, Iron Man, Peppermint Girl, Pirate & Pioneer Woman :)


Kids having a hayday digging through shredded paper


Voting for costume contest…. I had each family bring a prize for each category, it was fun!


We put together a game of “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” and played Boys vs Girls…. Boys won! Tim did a super job of making it possible to play on the tv with all his amazingly brilliant techy skills :)


Aftermath. Yea, I’m still finding little papers around haha. Everyone was so great to help clean up all over! Party was all a success once again thanks to everyone!


Family Pix 2013!

Does everybody love family picture time? It can be kind of stressful sometimes! I’m always glad we do them, they always turn out super precious!

I was sick of doing the same ol’ Fall look/colors for us, and wanted something different. A little old fashiony/semi-formal is what I went for this time. Result: LOVE them! Take a look for yourself….

This face of Spencer’s just kills me!


Wish the weeds weren’t hiding our cutsie red shoes

family hi-res

Gorgeous girl.


One of my favorite pictures yet of us!



laura kids


Melts my heart


tim kids


Handsome little dude!

spencer hires

Dancing with the Stars… ha ha :)


Mommy loves Daddy and Daddy loves Faithy, Faithy loves Mikkie and Mikkie loves Spencer… we are a happy family! :)

red fam

Grandma June

Last week was tough. First time losing a grandparent. My sweet Grandma June passed away suddenly, I’m going to miss her so much. The whole thing filled me with so many emotions- no doubt, bringing vivid flashbacks of our experience with my Mikkie. I grieve double at things like this anymore these days, it’s inevitable to not be reminded of it all, so I force myself to be strong and go be a support and comfort.

My Grandma June was seriously an amazing person. She is on my top ten list of people I admire most. The legacy that she’s left behind is kindness. She was an EXTREMELY kind, happy, positive person. Always happy to see you, always giving compliments, always gracious and sweet. She had a smile on her face til her very last breath. Wow. I can only hope to be half as amazing as she. I look up to her so much and am so grateful for all that she did, all that she taught me.

Another lesson I’ve learned, and have learned for the past while…. GO visit your grandparents!!!! Make the time!! It’s what’s most important. Family is most important. I’m SO grateful that we made the time to do monthly visits to see them and have our kids get to know them. My Faithy had sweet times with my Grandma, and she (and Mikkie and Spencer) just brightened up her day! She absolutely loved little kids. That was another thing I observed of her, how sweet and loving she was especially to little kids. I love my Grandma so much! No doubt her and Mikkie are enjoying being together again.


March 7, 1935 ~ Sept. 15, 2013
Margaret June Wood Jessee, our beloved wife, mother, grandmother, friend, passed away peacefully September 15, 2013 at the IMC Hospital in Murray, Utah, surrounded by her family after suffering the gradual decline of Alzheimer’s climaxed by a brief bout with pneumonia. She was born at Grand Junction, Colorado on March 7, 1935, the oldest of seven children born to Oral Edwin Wood and Winona Darlene Daley Wood. She attended schools in Englewood, Colorado, Spanish Fork, Mapleton, and Springville, Utah, and also Ft. St. James, British Columbia, Canada where her family lived for several years. Shortly after graduating from Springville High School, she was sealed to Dean C. Jessee in the Salt Lake Temple. Together they have been blessed with nine children.
June enjoyed her callings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having served in several ward and stake music positions, Sunday school teacher, and as Relief Society president. But her paramount contribution to humanity is reflected in the lives of her family. She taught them by precept and example the values of love and service. All who knew her loved her. June entered and left this world with a song in her heart. She loved music and willingly shared her talent as a singer in a wide range of church and civic settings. She sang with the Jay Welch Chorale during the entire twenty years of its existence and continued to sing with other choral groups afterward including the Utah Choral Artists under Brady Allred.
She loved people especially little children and found friends wherever she went. She enjoyed her association with her husband’s colleagues in the Joseph Smith Papers project and the Mormon History Association.
She was preceded in death by her baby son, Douglas; a great-granddaughter, Mikayla; her parents; a baby sister, Lois Marlene; and a brother, Kelly.
She is survived by her husband, Dean; her children, Lyle (Tina), David (Rose), Jeanine Ballard (Ron), Ron (Barbara), Teresa Cruz (Rob), Gordon (Sharon), Merrill (Sherrie) and Jonathan (Tamra); her siblings, Blaine (Carolyn), Nina Payne (Richard), Dennis (Karma), and Brent (Joanne); 38 grandchildren; and 37 great-grandchildren-all of whom June loved dearly.
A viewing will be held at the Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary, 4760 South State, Murray, on Wed. Sept. 18th from 6 to 8 p.m. Funeral Services will be Thurs., Sept. 19th at 11 a.m. with a viewing from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. prior to the service at Twin Peaks Ward, 5235 South Wesley Road, Murray. Interment: Elysian Burial Gardens.
The family expresses sincere gratitude to the doctors and staff at the IMC hospital in Murray for their loving care and also to the staff at the Jenkins-Soffe Mortuary.



A Book for Mikkie

This project has been long in the making, so I’m extremely excited to have it done! It turned out better than I hoped!

I used the words of my song and had Faith draw pictures for each page, not too long after Mikkie passed. The I had Faith draw her alphabet and I created a font from her handwriting and used that! I used blurb to make this. Without further ado…..

“I’ll Think of You, Mikayla”. A book by Laura and Faith Harper :)

“Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.”











Spencer was born at the time she drew this one, that’s why there’s 5 :)


At the back of the book I taped a cd sleeve holding a music disc with songs for Mikkie.


I wrapped them all up with bows and gave it to each family there. I’m in love. A book that is nearest and dearest to my heart.


Outdoors Movie Night

My family had a “Staycation” a couple of weeks ago and the first night we had an outdoor movie night! I jumped at the chance to make a concession stand!! We had popcorn with mix-ins, kettle corn (Tim’s delicious version), and drinks and everyone else brought their favorite movie snack! So Fun!


I want to make it a tradition to do Outdoor Movie Nights every summer, I love it!!


Fun props. Just printed out an image, placed in frame and made the clapper from leftover foam board and painted it.



To start off with…


Bags for popcorn, and coffee filters to put other snacks in.4

Clear cups, lids and big, colorful smoothie straws5



This reel I also made from foam board- easy peasy8

The globe lights added the perfect movie touch at night








Imagine the treats in these empty baskets… I had to take pictures with good light, before it all got there.







Cardboard boxes hand-stamped with each family’s names. That’s what held all their goodness!


The wind was not being cooperative that night of course, we had to move the concessions inside. At least I got some pictures and we still got to watch the movie out! 23

Drink Station. I love these drinks. Dressed them up with some personalized tags and twine.24

All ready in jammies and snack tray in hand… good to go!25

My favorite are the colorful drinks in the clear cups. SO FUN!26

Must-have for movie night…. neon pink fuzzy soft blankie….. can you guess whom that belongs to? :)27

Tim’s fantastic Kettle Corn! I need to share the recipe!28

It’s like a legit Drive-In movie theater…. but at the comfort of your own home! :)29

First Grader Faith!

School came up too fast this year! I didn’t even realize exactly what day her school started until 10 days before! August 15th…. it’s still Summer! We have thoroughly enjoyed our Summer this year.

Miss Faith is always excited for school. She loves the school, her teacher, her class….. On her first day I asked her how it went and she excitedly said, “I get THREE recesses AND a Lunch!!”

It’s quite a big jump from 2.5 hours to 7 hours, but she loves it! I was the one that was more nervous, I had the school-jitters for her. It took me back to my school days, it was exciting yet nerve-wracking also…. fear of the unknown. Once you establish a routine and rhythm and get the hang of the things, it gets better.

I’m not one of those moms who can’t wait for their child to go back to school. While I’m excited for her, I love having my kids home!




First day of school…. She does not like the sun in her eyes :)



1st grade!2

Few days later we finally got to her Back-to-School Photo Shoot! I love doing these, we had fun with them! The props give it such a fun touch too!3



Such talent! :)6


Ow, not in your eye!8


Oooooh too much smiling10

“Mona Lisa” smile? Know what that smile’s for? :)11


Double talent!13



Her best friend was behind those smiles :) It was fun to snap a few with him too…..16



Let’s see if we can get both apples to stay at the same time18


Ok, LOVE this pic! When they get married, I have a list of pictures to go on their wedding video and this is SO included!20

Spence wanted to try too!!



Look Mum (that’s what he calls me :), I’m doing it!b

Even trying the apple! He thought it was funny to roll them over his head and drop them.. hahac

Hey….. what are you eating?!? If it’s dog food, I’ll join in!d

Oh, just an apple. It’s all yours.e


Oops, chair collision on sister….g

Apparently he knows the trick to make things better….. sit on his sister’s lap and look cute for a picture! :)h

Good ol’ School!


btw, notice the footprints on the chalkboard? Thank you Spencer, that was his contribution :)