Big Hero 6 Valentine Printables!

Did you think I fell off the planet?! :) Good news, I’m still here, and just in time to let you print off some super cute Valentines!

Anyone NOT seen Big Hero 6?? You’re missing out, it’s one of our favorites!  I knew Faith would love giving these out, and I sure jumped at the chance to make them!

For Baymax I put a red lolli with it, perfect with him holding one!


Fred, FIRE gum for ‘You’re on Fire”! (hot meaning think red hots)


Go Go Tomago, GOgurts! :D I thought that was clever :) To make it stay colder longer, I keep them in the freezer, it’s like eating fro yo!


Hiro, I was stuck on what to put with this foreeeeeever. I was gonna do magnetic balls to play with but those aren’t safe for kids, bummer cuz they’re fun! I still wanted to stay on the lines of magnet like the things he created… after much searching I found these sealed cases with iron fillings in it! Put a magnet with it and you can have some magnetic fun!


Honey Lemon, I got these flavored honey sticks at a local candy shop. There’s a bunch of different honey or lemon things you can do with this- Lemon Drops?!!


Wasabi- this was another hard one to figure out, both the card and the treat. The easiest thing would’ve been to give kids some cute little containers of wasabi! hahah buuuuut I want to be nice so I kept racking my brain and…. Candy Sushi!!! Yes!!! Made from fruit roll ups, rice krispie treats and licorice- easy peasy. I just love it.


That’s all 6 of the heroes! You can download some or all of them below, just click on image to download and print!

Hope you have fun with them! If you end up thinking of something else fun to put with them, lemme know, I’d love to hear!!

{Personal use only; please do not claim designs as your own. Thanks!}





Gogo Tomago

GoGo Tomago



Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon

Wasabi-no Ginger

Wasabi noGinger

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One thought on “Big Hero 6 Valentine Printables!”

  1. These are so great! I am painting little peg people to look like Baymax for my kids to give with their Valentines, and the Baymax Valentine will be perfect to go with it! Thank you for your creative talents!!! So excited to come across this!!!

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