Spencer dude turns 1!

My little Christmas Eve baby is ONE already! But… I thought he was going to stay a baby forever!! :)

As I was thinking about what theme to do, I had already been thinking a monster theme. Then I thought of things about him and the fact that he eats a lot came to mind, we call him our little om nom. Instantly I thought of the cute little green monster named Om Nom from the App game “Cut the Rope” and fell in love with the idea!

My little Om Nom!

Only downside to having parties at night is you don’t get great lighting for pictures… oh well, did the best with what I had.

The invite:

I printed a picture of Om Nom on photo paper (got 4 on an 8×10), then used an exacto knife to cut part of his mouth for the candy to go into. Taped twine to backs to attach him and the peppermint with the party info.

The peppermint candy in the game made it easy to think of ideas, and made it especially easy with all things peppermint in the stores during Christmas.

Here are the favors:

I printed and cut out a box template, cut out a circle for front and put in a peppermint sugar cookie. I tried piping on red frosting and swirling like Bakerella did but it didn’t turn out so pretty. So I opted for cutting out a peppermint shape for a stencil and sprinkled edible glitter on (that I bought forever ago and finally got to use it!) Not perfect, but so cute!

The top of the box I used a scalloped punch to cut out “Thanks for cOMNOMing over!” :)

I got sick with some nasty strain of the flu that week and thanks to my mom and hubby I got better 2 days before the party…. enough time to pull off the party but not to get everything done that I wanted. So I called up a bakery near us, The Swirly Girls bakery, and had them make up an Om Nom chocolate cake. It was very delicious and so adorable!

Plush Om Nom. This lil guy is so cute

Color scheme was from the game: Green, blue, cardboard and peppermint :) Used small boxes as stands.. the backdrop was a foam board covered with green plastic tablecloth. I cut out circles from a darker green plastic cloth and taped to board. A green plastic table skirt covered the edges and Kraft paper covered the top of counter.

Red Squeeze-its added a fun pop of color. Served up peppermint whipped cream dip in mini martini glasses, served with ginger thins

Peppermint wreath was a fun addition to backdrop. There are bubbles in the game and so I got some clear balloons to act as bubbles :) I tried filling them with unwrapped peppermints but they would stick together and rip little holes making balloon deflate, so I left them wrapped, shoved them in and blew up the balloons. Very fun!

The spidey’s from the game are my favorites! Cute fuzzy black pompoms made from yarn and googly eyes stringed onto twine made for a super cute garland!

Photo Op:

Easy peasy- Cardboard box, cut out circle and taped sign saying “Feed with Candy”, and hung a peppermint from string. Bummed I didn’t get the rest of the guests! :( I was busy in the kitchen and the rest of the party went by in a snap. I did remember to hand out the favors this time though…thanks to hubby!


This is the balloon bottom pop. I had kids in 2 teams, they would grab a balloon, run back to the chair and pop the balloon by sitting on them. Faithy is light as a feather so I had to help her pop it. haha I added a twist to the game though… In the App game, you need to get 3 stars to win, so I cut out 3 sparkly foam stars and put them in 3 of the balloons for each team and so first team to get the 3 stars won.

The boys won! So fun

Cookie hang! Like the donut hang people usually play for Halloween parties. I made up some peppermint swirl cookies, poked a hole and tied some twine to it and everybody got to be Om Nom, trying to eat the candy :) It was good fun to watch everyone, especially the adults :)

Spencer Matching game! I made a couple sets for people to play if they wanted. I printed up a bunch of my favorite pictures of Spencer at Costco, cut them and taped on the “levels” image from Cut the Rope as the backs. Another twist to make things original… I put in 3 pictures of the Spidey, so if someone picked it up they lost a turn. Faith loves matching games (and is VERY good at them) and this version is by far our very favorite! :)

Another little game I had out for whoever wanted to play– ever spinned coins around on their side? Well, we spinned peppermints to see who’s spinned the longest. Mine kept flipping off the table and cracking on the floor… left a big mess, that’s when I decided to quit :) These gals did great tho!

Since Spencer loves to eat a lot, I wanted to do a dinner, so I decided on a Pizza Bar. Easy, fun and tasty! After most people had dug in I realized I didn’t get a picture, so…. sorry for this pic, but you can see what I did. I love, love using Pita Bread as the crusts (makes baking speedy!) I put a couple pizzas on some cookie sheets and threw in the oven, turned onto Broil @ High and baked for 4 minutes. Cooked to perfection! There were some great looking pizzas people made.

Present time. Spence dude was great at unwrapping them! I ripped a little piece up, he grabbed it and i just spinned the gift til the paper came off :)

I loved his party hat.. a twine-wrapped ‘1’ and topped with a fuzzy Spidey… He hated it on but forgot about it once his hands were busy with food :)

Cake time! Love the pic on the right…. totally reminds me of a picture of Faith when she was younger…. our kids sure love to pull that look. ha

Om nom nom…. love the frosting ‘stache

Happy, happy birthday to my sweet Spencer dude! He’s the best Christmas gift we’ve ever gotten, so grateful for him to be part of our family, I just love him to itty bitty pieces! :)

Of course,  no party is complete without Karaoke so we busted that out and my favorite was most definitely the guys singing Santa Baby :) Good times!
My friend, Krista, is going to win American Idol one day… she’s amazing!

 Great turnout, great company, great party for a great little boy!

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  1. Danielle says:

    We’re doing a Cut the Rope birthday party next weekend for my 3 year old daughter, and has been a blast to plan! I love the hat and the backdrop you created. We ordered candy coated Oreos from Melinda’s Marvels on Etsy, and they look exactly like Om Nom’s candy. I wish I had seen this before sending out invitations though…yours are too cute!

    • How fun! It is a fun party to plan for sure, something different and creative :) Those candy coated oreos sound cute, nice find! Hope your party is a success, good luck! :)

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