80’s Rock Star Party

My sil asked me to do a party for one of my big bro’s who turned the big 30. You can imagine how I jumped at the invite! :) It was fun to combine 2 themes together, 80’s and Rock Star. I chose neon and black for the color scheme, because what’s more fun and totally rockin’ than neon!?

For the treats/snacks I did:

Microphone push pops (made with chocolate pudding, snickers, whip cream, brownie and crushed oreos) So fun and so scrumptious!

Drum sticks (pretzel rods)

Black sixlets (just because. Do I need a reason to have more chocolate? ;)

California Raisins (picture pasted on mini raisin boxes) I watched these guys all the time!

Pop Rocks

Rock Candy

And my personal favorite Rock Star drinks with custom labels I designed. LOVE how they turned out, the picture of him couldn’t be more perfect. I liked the idea to have a place for people to write their name so they don’t forget which drink is theirs.

These little party lights added a fun touch.

Does anyone know how to actually do a Rubik’s cube? those things drive me nuts, but the kids had fun playing around with them :)

Stocked up with plenty of totally awesome glasses and rockin’ inflatable guitars. I like the look of the V guitars.

I decided on jumbo neon shapes, including good ol’ Pac Man, for the backdrop- fun 80’s feel. This sign was another favorite of mine. I poked holes in a foam board, poked christmas lights through, and put a canvas in middle with words taped on.

Black records and tin pails made for some fun “cake stands”

I also designed some fun VIP Backstage Passes for everyone to wear…

This was a surprise party, so we were waitin’ with all our awesome getup on and….well, just see the look on his face below to see how surprised he was! hah love it

Pumpkin pie is his favorite…. I knew there’s a reason we’re related ;)

I thought it was funny the kids were entertained with the dog cage. Seriously, who needs toys!

I invited anyone who wanted to, to dress up 80’s style! We got some BIG hair (love my sister’s and her little girl), rolled up jeans, neon clothes and bright crazy makeup! I’m so glad the 80’s are over, but it was sure fun to dress up… you know me, any chance to dress up AND party!!

Spence dude kinda reminds me of the ‘Look who’s Talking’ baby, except a TON cuter of course :)

My brother borrowed Rock Band from a friend and we brought our karaoke stuff and we jammed all night long! It was some serious fun.

A lot of the following pictures are not so good, sorry… low lighting is hard to work with.

Meanwhile, I held an Inflatable Guitar Contest for the kiddies outside, complete with judges and trophies and everything! These kids have got some moves…..like Jagger. haha jk I couldn’t help but think of that song when I typed that ;) Of course they all got rated a 10 and all received a trophy stuffed with neon covered sugar. You’re welcome parents :)

These were the coolest rock stars there!

I really did have a BLAST throwing that party! We had a few other parties the following days but sadly Faithy and I got sick :( BOO. oh well, this party was totally worth it! :)

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  1. you are so stinkin cute, Laura! You need to do this for money. You create amazing parties. :) Great job!

    • You\’re so nice, Traci, thanks!! It\’s a lot of work but I love to do it for family and maybe close friends hah it is definitely a passion of mine.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Laura I am so excited to have found your website. I’m planning a surprise 30th 80’s theme b-day for my hubby. He’s my everything & I want to do something special!! Your ideas are amazing & not cheesie I love it. I’m wondering where did you get the drink bottles. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas :)

    • Thanks Mary Ann, glad you stopped by! The drink bottles are a combination of different drinks I found at the store… I couldn’t find all the colors of Jones Soda that I wanted (weren’t very many to choose from anyway) so I got some other drinks like Izzy and ones of similar size and shape- dumped out and washed bottles, filled with drinks i bought separately. Hope that makes sense. It worked out great. Shoot me an email if you need more details, I’d love to help! :)

  3. Stephanie says:

    Do you have a template you used for the bottle labels and name tags? It certainly would make life easier to not recreate the wheel :)

  4. Stephanie says:

    Do you have a template for the name tags and bottle labels?
    I would love them for my husband’s party!

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