Empty Nesters!

After 35 years of marriage, my parents are finally empty nesters! All 6 kids outta the house. Kind of a bitter-sweet thing. We’re a close family, always had friends over, usually someone always home…. would be weird to go to an empty, quiet house after that. My sil came up with the grand idea of doing an Empty Nester’s party for them. I excitedly volunteered to host it, and had all sorts of ideas run through my head. My favorite part is, after weeks of planning, seeing everything come together as I put it up! Major thrill! :)


Empty Nester’s

Had a pretty bright sun shining through that window, the wreath looked like a glowing angel halo ha!

This was the only pic I got with the cute pom pom garland hanging up…

I thought it would be fun to give them a book for Empty Nester’s. Good ol’ Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Empty nests….no eggs, just feathers :) Got both at Hobby Lobby.

Feather boa wreath on holder I made last year and am finally putting to use! ¬†Ikea frame with printables I made…. available to download at end of post :)

Spray painted a mason jar and filled with fresh white daisies.

My bro had brilliant idea to do an ‘early bird’ breakfast….totally went with the theme so I went with it!

I decided an omelette bar would be fun. With all the yummy fixins + OJ, watermelon and hashbrowns.

Notice I have glass AND plastic bottles… yea, wasn’t about to give glass to the kids :)

Their anniversary happens to be in a few weeks too, so we all pitched in on some bikes for them so they could have something fun to do together!

We missed my dad! Unbeknownst to them the party was a surprise, he was unable to come so I had to break it to him. I guess it would be easier for everyone to not do surprises. hah


Free printables- Personal Use Only. Click image to save and download. Enjoy!



4×6 sign–>

Water bottle/candy bar wrapper –> ¬†{I didn’t end up using these, I decided on the glass jars instead of water bottles.}

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  1. That's my Laura. I was one of the parents. It was a total surprise and so much fun. So creative.

  2. Love it! Where did you get the plastic bottles?

  3. Love your party ideas. Where did you get glass bottles for OJ?

    Thank you!

  4. Pookie, you are so very sweet to share your creations, I am going to use them for my mother's 90th afternoon tea party. Please come by and visit me at cissyandfranshow.blogspot.com. If you want come visit after September 10th when I will most likely have the party pictures up. Thanks again to a fantastic blogger.

  5. teresa101 says:

    Wonderful fun idea…I bet your parents loved it!

  6. thank you for the idea. i have wanted to do an empty nest party for some time, but lacked the creativity. Did you use a particular web site for creative ideas? I have been unable to find any for this theme. Thanks!


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