Peachy Keen

I was excited to can peaches this year since I didn’t do it last year. I miss having them to munch on during the winter. I was surprised to hear so many people say that they want to can some but they don’t know how. I guess just because I grew up helping my mom do it, doesn’t mean everyone else did too :) The hubby and Faithy helped me and both mentioned it was a fun thing to do together. I agree. Those are some of my fondest memories growing up (even if I did have a rotten attitude about it back then ;) Work is a good thing.

There’s still time to can, so if you want to try it out, here’s a good tutorial. One tip that it doesn’t mention on there that my mom let me know….. if you do end up blanching your peaches (only necessary for big batches), slice peaches in half and take pit out FIRST and then blanch them. That way you don’t mangle your peaches trying to get the pit out afterwards and end up with scary looking peaches :)

It may seem like a lot of info on there, but once you know what you’re doing, it really is easy and pretty fun, I think!

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  1. I totally did this growing up too! Yours look fantastic, I have yet to do this as an adult. I think I’d have to have my mommy help me! Lol

  2. Little correction here. Blanch your peaches first and Then cut the peach in half, remove the pit and then peel skin off. Ok,

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